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Millions Can Walk

In January 2014 "Millions Can Walk" had its world premiere at the Solothurner Filmtage (Swiss Filmfestival). Shortly afterwards, the film has been shown in several cinemas in Switzerland, Europe and all around the world. RAJAGOPAL had most of the movie premieres. The film has been a unique chance to spread the word about Ekta Parishad’s vision, strategies and skills. It created also a great opportunity for interesting discussions with many potential future supporters of Ekta Parishad. The movie impressively shows some of the main demands of the Adivasi and landless in India.
By spreading this information within your networks, you support not only the movie but rather help Ekta Parishad and its strategy to get awareness and support.



  • Premiere: 49. Solothurn Swiss Film Festival: Friday, 24. January 2014
  • MIFF 2014: Tata theatre, NCPA, Mumbai 6. February 2014
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 14. – 23. March 2014
  • FIFF International Filmfestival Fribourg 29.3. – 5.4. March 2014
  • Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina, Milano, 6.-12. May 2014
  • IFFI Internationals Film Festival Innsbruck 27. May–1.June 2014
  • Brave Festival Film, Poland, 4.-18. July 2014
  • Indian Filmfestival Stuttgart 16.-20. July 2014 * Award for Best Documentary
  • Take one Action, Edinburgh, UK, 19. September – 4. October 2014
  • Filmambiente Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4.-10. September 2014
  • DOCSDF, Mexico, October 2014
  • Thusis Weltfilmtage, CH, 4.-9. November 2014
  • Sudan Independent Film Festival, 21.-27. January 2015
  • Nebenrolle Natur, Zürich, 22. March 2015
  • FIFDH, Paris, 10.March 2015
  • Extravagant India !, France, 4. – 10. March 2015
Visit the movie website (--> here) and join the discussion on Facebook (--> here).

The village Bhimkotti

Back to the villages - A development project in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh


Somewhere on the main road from Bhopal to Mumbai in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a small path disappears in a thick forest. It’s the way to the remote village of Bhimkotti.

The village is home to 27 families, where after the Janadesh 2007 - the big march in 2007, organized by Ekta Parishad - 14 families have received land titles.
Ekta Parishad supported the building of a school in this village by providing food and material during the construction. The villagers had to built the school themself with intent to take more care of it and to be more interested in keeping their work alive.
The illiteracy rate is currently still around 100% because the population of the village mostly didn't have the chance to go to school. The few people who had this chance usually only went to the first class. But nowadays all the 30 children in the village are going to school, thanks to Ekta Parishad which pays the salary for an external teacher (about 50 - CHF per month).
The principal income of the village comes from the firewood they search every day in the forest. The firewood is then painstakingly brought to the market in the next big town and brings about 70-100 rupees (around 1 CHF to 1.50 CHF) to the family as revenue. With this money, the whole family needs to be fed.
The drinking water must be fetched from a water source, which can be reached by foot in 20 minutes. The water is carried back to the village on the head of a person. Here again, with the support of Ekta Parishad, a fountain is under construction.

An article with more information can be found > here

The project

The project contains mainly the following points:

  • Diversion of the river water to irrigate the fields sufficiently
  • In addition, a water tank with a diesel engine, for pumping water to the tank. This is needed for storing enough water available during the dry time
  • Bullocks and ploughs to till the fields
  • Grains and seed for the fields (Different Type: tomatoes, onions, chillies, ...)
  • Seed bank, so that in future, the seeds can be drawn to make the village independent
  • 10 trees on each field (planted at the edge, so that the field can also be easily cultivated)
  • Chicken farm for eggs that can be used for the villagers and even sold on the market
  • Goat rearing because new-born goats can be sold on the market for around 80.- CHF. This brings again an economic effort to develop the village.
  • Sewing machines, so old clothes can be reused (for own use or for sale again on the market)
  • Training courses for field cultivation and for the sewing machine

The complete cost of the whole village development is around CHF 10'000. In this case, all the money is used directly in India since we from CESCI work completely on a voluntary base.

Support this project with a donation

Post account: 80-220210-4
Bank IBAN CH47 0900 0000 8022 0210 4
Subject Bhimkotti

Förderverein CESCI
Postfach 3355
CH-8021 Zürich

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The complete project plan can be found > here 

Additional informations

A documentation in the Malayalam language. Very impressive to see how this people live in the village Bhimkotti.

Part 1:

Part 2:


BioRe® - new partner of CESCI support association

The bioRe® Foundation has been investing in the sustainable advancement of living conditions for farming families in India and Tanzania since 1997. The main areas of focus are organic cotton farming as a sustainable source of income as well as health, education and livelihood security.

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MILLIONS CAN WALK, a movie by Christoph Schaub and Kamal Masale about the people behind the great march JAN SATYAGRAHA will soon be shown in the movies. Release date for Swiss theaters: 2014/01/24. Additionally, several previews are going to take place. Don’t miss the wold premiere in Solothurn!

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The village Bhimkotti

We support together with Ekta Parishad a village project in the indian state Madhya Pradesh. This project involves the most basic points such as farming, chicken farms, etc. so you can create a decent living and sustainable basis for the village.

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